Thursday, November 5, 2009

Motel Fair Go Update

The two faces of Sue Erasmus

In our post HERE we wrote about Sue Erasmus, a plausible South African, self-proclaimed business woman that claims to be a immigration and employment consultant. She enjoys using the services of motels and then leaving dud cheques upon departure.

She was the star of last week's consumer television television show, Fair Go and was outed in a set-up by one of the the show's presenters aided by moteliers Warren and Maggie Anderson of the Camelot Motor Inn that were chasing a bounced $700.00 cheque.

Last night's follow-up by Fair Go revealed that they had been contacted by 8 further people that have alleged to have had dodgy dealings with Sue Erasmus in her role as an immigration consultant. It was stated that South Auckland Police are currently investigating complaints.

Last week's show mentioned the suspicious MO of Sue Erasmus conducting meetings with men in curtained motel rooms. This week Fair Go host, Kevin Milne stated the obvious:  

"Her other job is working as an escort using motels to see clients."

He further stated some good advice: "We suggest that moteliers watch our for her as she has a habit of not paying her way..."

Click on the full Fair Go episode HERE

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