Sunday, November 29, 2009

Motel Management

We are having one of those perennial quiet weekends and have decided to watch  a few DVDs. 

This has turned into a reasonable successful exercise as we only had to use the pause button less than half-a-dozen times to react to our usually relentless "bell ringers" (valued guests).

I particularly enjoyed  the quirky movie, Management

Steve Zahn, plays a sad, irrelevant motelier working at his parents' roadside motel in Arizona. Jennifer Aniston plays a sales rep that stays at the motel and is strangely drawn towards the motelier's innocent (and creepy) charm.

The star for us was, Sonny's Motel, Madras that plays The Kingman Motor Inn, Arizona in the movie. We see that the motel's no-frills website pays simple testimony to its backdrop in the movie and the fact that it has been "proudly serving Madrid guests since 1956." Not surprisingly, the guest testimonials on TripAdvisor gives the motel a mixed review.

OK, I'll admit that this was an awkward American romantic comedy at its cheesiest and the movie's unlikely plot went off the rails a few times....but I liked it.

Maybe I was somewhat biased and titivated by the unlikely scenario of a small-town, 40 something motelier getting to nail Jennifer Aniston in the motel laundry?

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