Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fully Booked? Refer Guests To Make Money

The accommodation industry awaits the next new and disruptive service provider to enter the market....

Roomixer probably won't be delivering that next game-changing big-idea, however the new start-up business has an interesting concept that may rapidly catch on.

Roomixer provides an online platform for accommodation businesses that are fully booked to trade business they are turning away.

The unique new service is especially attractive to large, busy accommodation businesses with strong brands that can offer a unique referral service to guests that are unable to be accommodated. Giving a prospective guest an alternative solution fits-in to a good customer service dynamic and is one way to maintain a positive relationship. Clipping the ticket along the way is an added bonus.

Roomixer, will earn revenue from commissions as well as fees charged on the money made by accommodation providers from buying and selling rooms via the platform.

In the NZ motel industry this is already happening on a more personal level. Moteliers can easily make informed referrals by using publicly available online room availability and sharing this information directly with customers. The free exchange of referral business by working-in with competing local accommodation providers is unique to the motel industry.

Admittedly local referrals between motels is more stronger in some areas than others, so maybe a service like Roomixer is a heads-up for moteliers? Old-school referrals using established connections have value and shouldn't be taken for granted.

So, will this new online service catch on?

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