Friday, May 10, 2013

More Motel Ferals

One of the great things about being a motelier is that we generally only deal with good people.

There is a huge cross-section of the general public that wouldn't dream of  stumping-up to stay in a motel - and this is a good thing! For many, the opportunity cost of commercial accommodation would impact too much on their self-indulgent feral lifestyle...but this is changing.

Over the years, the motel industry has not increased tariff in pace with inflation and this has allowed tattooed, lager swilling, cigarette-sucking Britneys and Gazzas to consider indulging themselves with motel accommodation, often accompanied with their ghastly feral kids, Chardonnay and Chantelle.

The burden of self-entitlement that has been thrust upon the unproductive underclass has made them believe that they deserve regular treats and time-out from their routine of sponging off others and lying on the couch. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of disposable cash these folk seem to have access to.

Our hearts go out to the owners of a Blenheim motel that earlier this year allowed an unemployed, meth-crazed feral to book-in after he payed upfront for two nights accommodation. Unfortunately the motel guest flipped-out and barricaded himself in his room threatening to hurt himself and others with explosive devices.

After police surrounded and apprehended the motel occupant, professional cleaners and repairs were necessary to put right the trail of devastation left behind.

We note that the motelier's nightmare that began January this year has finally come to a conclusion after Gary Ramon Neville Green was sentenced to 34 months' jail in the Christchurch District Court yesterday.

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