Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So, Do Travellers Still Love Print?

Our recent post that busted Jasons Travel faking a video as part of their multi-media campaign "Travellers still love print" has caused a bit of a stir.

The post was about exposing the ambiguous nature of the video's production that when slowed down, clearly showed two Jasons employees "simulate" a brochure stand being emptied by the travelling public at Auckland Airport.

This classic SMOG has caused some embarrassment, however the measure of a company is putting it right - and Jasons has done the right thing by quickly fessing-up, fronting-up and removing offending video with the promise of a replacement - Well done Jasons!

Our post wasn't about attacking print as a marketing channel. In fact we accept that ink and paper is still a valid channel for advertising in the travel industry - for now.

A strength of Jasons is their extensive print distribution network and we are not questioning the large numbers of print collateral that is pumped through Jasons customer contact points.

So, do travellers still love print? Well, in spite of media consumption continuing to shift and fragment the answer is yes!

Travel consumers don't often connect with just one media type - it is common for consumers to touch multiple media types before making final travel decisions.

It is not about print vs. digital. It is about a print + digital where both platforms can co-exist and work together as multipliers.

There is no doubt that digital is the future, however we are currently in a transition point from print to multi-media and even in a disrupted market there remains a passionate, robust market for print.

Watch out for Jasons new modified video that will be released soon on their Love Print campaign website.

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