Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ode To the Motel Portable Phone

Probably the hardest working item of hardware in a motel is the trusty portable phone. Yes, believe it or not, in spite of the "digital revolution" our customers still phone us - maybe not quite as often as they used to!

The portable phone gives the motelier the freedom to roam and multi-task - albeit within 100-odd metres from the phone's base unit.

A motelier's badge of honor is a portable phone that has seen some action - battle weary, covered in nicks and grazes with the numerals on the buttons all but worn away.

The portable phone is part of a motelier's attire and is required close-by during the usual hectic multi-tasking motel day...So don't be disturbed if you notice a motelier with an unsightly bulge in the trouser area, as it is more-than-likely caused by a lurking portable phone.

While trousers with large pockets are the preferred method for moteliers to carry around these devices, evolution has dictated that they have become proficient at attending to most tasks with one hand while constantly clutching a portable phone in the other.

The top pocket is another favorite way to carry a portable phone, although this comes with the risk of constant spills and every now and again you see a motelier with a classic belt clip phone holder so that they are able to quickly attend to incoming calls cowboy style.

It is an unwritten law between husband and wife operators, that whoever is holding the portable phone, also looks after the reception area. This allows the other partner the freedom to roam the motel complex - sometimes for many hours. Unfortunately this pass-the-baton rule has become muddied with the introduction of portable phone units with multiple handsets.

We note that our friends at CentrePoint on Colombo Motel have retired their trusty motel portable phone after many years of service and are reasonably excited about the new features of the replacement:
"Extending our eco range to the way we talk!

Timing to perfection - out with the old 'n in with the new!

After 5 years and probably a few more before us, our last trusty handheld gave up the ghost the middle of a snow storm!

Looks like getting dropped....again.....was just once too often and so it hung up for the last time!
Naomi battled snowdrifts, blizzard conditions & freezing temperatures to drive to the mall & shop in total comfort.

She came away with 3 snazzy new phones although once home and in the Motel setting they started looking at us with trepidation......fearing just how long it would be till they are dropped for the first time.....

In line with our green credentials.....please note that we use the trusty rusty till the end - no wasting resources here oh no! - and also the all new "eco" button, meaning you can talk to us longer and make more and more bookings without putting any strain on our precious resources........ wouldn't Qualmark be proud of us!"

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