Thursday, May 30, 2013

Please Make It Stop!

One of the horror predictions that no business likes to dwell on is the likelihood of a grand-left wing coalition getting their hands on the levers of power after the next election.

Even though there have been numerous polls telling us that this may be so, most level-headed Kiwis grasp onto the hope that sanity will prevail and the majority of society aren't bat-shit crazy when it comes to ticking appropriate boxes behind the closed curtain of an electoral booth.

If businesses really believe that times are tough right now, just wait until a Labour/Green led government starts using the dwindling productive members of society as income generators for their own wacky social and environmental goals. Any social or environmental need unsatisfied by the redistribution of earnings from others, will be instantly remedied with cash from the flick of  a photocopy machine.

A recent wake up call for businesses has come with the latest Roy Morgan poll that has shown support for a loony-left collective is now outstripping that for the Government.

And thanks to Whaleoil by leaking the following memo, business owners that are already feeling queasy will be throwing-up a little bit in their mouths:

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