Friday, May 10, 2013

Has Jasons Travel FAKED Their Latest Campaign?

In our last post we highlighted Jasons Travel Media's latest multi-media campaign that supported the proposition that "Travellers still love print".

Part of their campaign was a time lapse video that was supposedly filmed over a two and a half hour period that showed the contents of a Jasons brochure display being rapidly depleted by apparent eager members of the travelling public at Auckland Airport.

The video seemed to prove that  "Travellers still love print" - Or did it?

Something wasn't quite right...

Although the highlights of the alleged two and a half hours of film were shrunk into a sequence under 12 seconds, we couldn't help recognising flashes of the same two people mysteriously returning time and time again to the brochure display.

How could that be?

So, we slowed the video down and watched it frame by frame....and sure enough we could see two male actors, both with short cropped dark hair, one is of slight build, the other a little more taller and solid. Both men wear the same jeans and sneakers, but appear to regularly change shirts, one frame has one wearing a cap and some other frames the other has a backpack....

We've made our own video using screen shots from the orginal Jasons production.

Did Jasons FAKE a promotional movie to try and fool their advertisers?

You be the judge....

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