Friday, May 17, 2013


Taking yet another trip over on the dark side of motel-world, we came across, The California Inn. Located in Modesto California, nestled between a busy freeway and a baron industrial park, the motel seems to be typical example of a Patel-No-Tell-Motel that has seen better days.

A  fly-over using Google Maps reveals a classic U-shaped motel with a swimming pool that has been boarded-up, an unsightly shipping container strategically placed near the motel entrance and unkempt grounds.

  TripAdvisor pulls no punches:

This week, the motel has appeared on Fox News after a 14 day voyeuristic investigation into prostitution that is openly sold from the motel's guest rooms, Amsterdam style.

This is a sad indictment and reinforces the stereotype of seedy motels in America.

There are many reasons why New Zealand's motel industry isn't going down this pathway to Hell. Motels in this country offer relatively good value and quality standards. Our economic environment simply dictates that offering seedy, unkempt accommodation facilities is unsustainable (Housing New Zealand seems to have this covered;-)).

And maybe more liberal laws in this country such as legalising prostitution is another reason why The California Inn wouldn't last long in New Zealand.

It is gratifying that we need to look overseas in order to get our regular fix of the dark side of motelling ;-)

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