Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tourism Hero

Travel is about excitement, fun and sex - it's important that the public feel good about the journey and the car that is used for travellers to arrive at their destination can play a big part.

Bland, insipid new car models do nothing to inspire travel, however cars that evoke passion can turn commuters into travellers.

The release of a car manufacturer's hero model is significant, as the DNA and passion can be filtered down the model range.

I see that Holden's outsourced hero brand, HSV has released their new GEN-F range in Australia with a video below that was made public at midnight last night.

New styling aside, the HSV GTS flagship model is fitted with the most powerful engine ever fitted to an Australian manufactured vehicle - a 430kW & 740Nm power-plant. If that doesn't get your blood pumping - nothing will!

With the Australian government gifting corporate welfare to Holden (and Ford) due to being unable to produce cars efficiently to meet required consumer demands, sadly we all know how the Australian car industry is going to end.

While Australia's car industry may be on its knees, let's enjoy while we can a great story about a niche brand that many consumers admire, but end up purchasing something else.

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