Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jasons Travel Respond To FAKED Video Allegation

A familiar face that made numerous sneaky appearances on the recent "simulation" (or is that "fake") Jasons video that supported the multi-media campaign "Travellers still love print" was Jasons Marketing Manager, Pascal Languillon.

Our original post that busted the fake social media campaign is HERE.

Pascal has fronted up on social media to allegations that Jasons FAKED a promotional video in an ill-conceived attempt to try and overstate the effectiveness of its print distribution:
"Hi all
All ads on TV are staged, and so is ours, we are just trying to make a point and illustrate it visually!
We never tried to hide the fact that this is a simulation. If you go to Youtube you will see it says "video for demonstration purposes only". The reality is that it always takes less than 24 hours to empty those racks (as stated on the flyer itself!, on youtube and our website; I have now made it clearer on the website). The exact time it takes varies each day depending on flight arrivals etc, but for video purposes we had to stage it without waiting up to 24 hours at the airport which would have been technically difficult for us given our limitations (airport authorizations, camera etc.).
We are not trying to fool anyone, we are illustrating the point that our racks get emptied quickly, which is the reality.
Pascal Languillon
Marketing Manager
Jasons Travel Media"
Judging by the diversion and politicking, we wonder if Pascal is vying for Aaron Gilmore's soon to be vacant spot on the National Party list?

Frankly, Pascal has let Jasons down here by producing a sloppy and ironic video that has left viewers wondering if travellers really do still love print?

Social media demands that you are credible and authentic and this amateurish attempt at wowing advertisers is a FAIL.

Jasons Travel Media are better than this.

We suggest that they immediately pull this campaign, apologise and then arrange what should have been presented in the first place - A 24-hour time-lapse video shot by an independent company that demonstrates that the PUBLIC actually takes brochures from the racks. Maybe this may return some credibility to Jasons after their embarrassing SMOG (Social Media Own Goal)?

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