Friday, May 31, 2013

More Concrete Block Motel

The song, Concrete Block Motel featured in our post yesterday has certainly touched a nerve.

Most of the feedback has been positive and a couple of dear readers have even requested the lyrics. Unfortunately the lyrics don't seem to be available online and as I can't be bothered to recreate them, I've done the next best thing and found the song in a clearer studio format (below).

And as for the solitary negative response I received...well, this particular person gave me a serve for allegedly denigrating the motel industry by publishing the video of this amusing song. There is an irony that this special-person has probably unwittingly provided material for the song's writer and personifies the main challenge that faces the motel industry - the overabundance of grizzly, silly-old-male motel operators that are unable to move-on from the shadows of the past...

Please feel free to crank up those tinny 5 watt computer speakers and enjoy;-)

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