Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Motel Religion

Motel and hotel guest rooms can be quiet places of contemplation where desperate, lonely and lost souls can hide away from the madness of the surrounding world.

A romantic notion from yesteryear is that the humble Gideons Bible can offer hope for such folk... 

We've blogged before about the institution of The Gideons Bible inconspicuously tucked away in most motel guest rooms. We regard this "as a quaint, somewhat amusing custom that is part of motel/hotel culture."

We've also earnestly covered the story of a hotelier in the UK, that replaced the Gideons Bible in his guest rooms with risqué-mummy-porn, Fifty Shades of Grey that stoked up howls of outrage from church groups.

So with guest rooms and bibles having a rich and historical connection, it has come of no suprise that our friends at The Civilian blog (that cover topical news with a hint of satire), have today uncovered the startling revelation that the original copy of Book of Genesis has been found in a hotel drawer.

Better get over to The Civilian to: Read MORE.

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